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Temporary Nanny for the Tycoon

Temporary Nanny for the Tycoon

Practically Perfect Nannies Book 8

Blake Ellington doesn’t need the complication of taking care of his niece in the middle of delicate business negations, but what choice does he have? His mother is in the hospital, and his sister is out of the country. He has no idea how to handle a baby, let alone one that won’t stop crying.

When Practically Perfect Nannies sends over Abby Thomas, Blake is thrilled, though the spark between them is disturbing. He doesn’t have time for this attraction. It’s only for a week. He can avoid the temptation, can’t he?

With an outrageous amount offered for the nanny job, Abby will have enough to support herself as she goes after her dream of being a full-time pastry chef. She can’t refuse.

She didn’t expect to find her client so irresistible, but he is a client, and she has a rule about not getting involved. Besides, she doesn’t need a man in her life. Her job is to take care of the baby, and that’s what she plans to do. Until Blake kisses her.

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