Marie Tuhart, Escape to an Erotic Fantasy

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Dom's of the Silver Screen: Michael

Michael Levin is a rising Hollywood star up for a career-making role. The pressure is intense, but thankfully the leading lady in his life, Kelsey Pierce, knows just how to wield the whip and ease his tension. However, when his potential co-star schemes to take Kelsey’s place in his off-screen life, Michael has to switch to Master mode, a role he’s more than comfortable with, and assume command.

Can Michael and Kelsey’s relationship withstand the strain, or will they survive the games and find long-lasting love?


Dom's of the Silver Screen: Adam

Nicki Masters is coming into her own as an actress but the one person who can derail her progress is her estranged husband, Adam Bainbridge.

Adam is delighted to have this chance to show his wife that he's changed, but old habits don't die easily.
Can this couple overcome past betrayals and heartbreak to fine love and happiness?