Marie Tuhart, Escape to an Erotic Fantasy

Works in Progress

Chasing Master Cole: What happens when Master Cole's life is interrupted by his deceased best friends daughter arriving from college. Now he has to lock his dungeon and hid who he really is until he can get Janie out of his home. But Janie isn't cooperating. She flaunts the toys she uses, lets him know in no uncertain terms that she loves rough sex and wants to explore more. Cole is fighting his instincts that tell him he's found the perfect sub, but this is Janie, the girl he's taken care of since she was sixteen.

Janie is excited to be back home at Cole's house. Four long years away from him has her longing for his touch, his kisses, for his brand of loving. But Cole is determined to hid his lifestyle from her. She's always know he's a Dominate and now she needs to show him she's more than willing to be his sub, regardless that he promised her father he'd take care of her. She's grown up now and can handle anything he throws at her, but he can never know that she loves him.


Club Fascination - a 9 book series about the men of the club and the women that dare to love them.


Highland Dom - Real Men Wear Kilts: Kristen Caldwell wants her small bakery to succeed because she's determined to make it on her own as she's done all her life. She doesn't need a man in her life but when her best friend's brother temps her for some kinky fun, she tries to balance her desire with her need for financial security. Can she just have fun with a Cameron and not risk her business and her heart?

Scottish sexual health professor, Cameron McMillan has just returned from Scotland and is ready to see if Kristen meant what she whispered to him before he left. He confronts her to find she wants to explore her kinky side, but old fears arise. Can he help her get over her fears? Or will he lose the love of his life forever?