Marie Tuhart, Escape to an Erotic Fantasy



"Marie Tuhart's latest book, Master Cole is my latest favorite of her books. This story has so much going just right to make it a book the reader won't want to put down"...Margie Hager


"This was a really hot romance!!"
~ Sissy's Romance Book Review



"Passionate Desire is a steamy office romance"...Valeen


"What a well written and beautiful story of introduction to BDSM and D/S relationship"...Monique


“IN PLAIN SIGHT is a steamy read…”
~Lynette, CK²s Kwips and Kritiques


“Fans of super-hot erotica with a slathering of BDSM will thoroughly enjoy IN PLAIN SIGHT.”
~Whipped Cream, the Long and Short of It Reviews



Quick Silver Ranch: Roped & Ready is an excellent sensational ride into the world of BDSM, erotica, and Ménage a Trois.”
~M. Dobson, Sizzling Hot Books


“Marie Tuhart's Quick Silver Ranch: Roped & Ready is a deliciously erotic indulgence of one woman's sensual discovery. With a rich back story and strong characters, the reader takes the journey with Becca Dalton as she discovers her sexual fantasies and experiences the delights of self-determination.”

~Rebecca, The Romance Reviews


“This story has something for everyone and will thrill readers looking for depth in their erotica story as Tuhart spends equal time on the physical and emotional sides of Becca and Tyler’s romance.”
~ RT Reviews



“Saddle Up is an engaging novel with strong character development and a unique setting. Marie Tuhart masterfully turns up the heat as Angie fully submits to Jared in the bedroom. Nothing is off limits to this highly inventive and creative couple as they push their sexual boundaries with BDSM play, various sex toys and a onetime ménage.”
~ Blackravens Review


“Another fantastic read by Marie Tuhart, the series just keeps getting better and better. I was worried my computer would combust as I kept reading.”
~ Sensual Reads



“HIS FOR THE WEEKEND is a highly sensual, this is also a sweet take of love between two memorable, well-rounded characters. This novella has a fast pace and love scenes that are scorching hot. Readers will be enthralled with the characters’ emotional connection. Don’t miss this treat.”
~Romantic Times Book Review



“As I read this book, I was caught up in the daydream of actually having a hunk such as Jake chasing our heroine (and wishing I was the she). Gentle, passionate, caring…sigh! Yes, Jake was perfect in so many ways, throw in Rosie (our heroine’s dog), and this story becomes what dreams are made of.”
~ Gardenia, Long and Short Reviews


Marie Tuhart has done it again. This story is exciting from beginning to end. I couldn’t put it down. I read this in one day. Her characters are real to me. They have problems from their past as we all do and are trying to find their way through them together. The story catches your attention in the beginning and doesn’t stop. Even when you get to the end you want more. Hopefully we will see more from the Red Club in Lobster Cove. I definitely recommend it.
~ Mary Ann, Sizzling Hot Books